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ASA's Guide to Getting Published

The Australian Society of Authors is thrilled to launch this essential new book-length resource for Australian writers and illustrators

“Invaluable insights from an industry professional. I wish this book had been around when I was starting my career.” 
– Jacqueline Harvey, bestselling author.

ASA’s Guide to Getting Published: Understanding and navigating Australia’s book industry

Juliet Rogers

ISBN: 9780959281903 / 9780959281910

Formats: Paperback / ebook

Price: $29.95 / $11.99

Written by publisher and former chief executive of the ASA, Juliet Rogers, this guide is an accessible, easy-to-use book which will demystify the publishing industry, steer you away from common mistakes and help give you – and your book – the best chance of success. 

“This is the guide to the publishing industry that Australian authors have always needed! The ASA have delivered an exceptional industry overview for authors – clear and fair and full of vital advice. Juliet Rogers is a trusted voice who delivers her wealth of publishing experience with wit and wisdom. I can’t recommend this book more highly to authors or anyone seeking an understanding of the nuts and bolts of book publishing in Australia.”

– Alex Adsett, literary agent

One of the most common questions put to us at the ASA is: how do I get published? Knowing the process to follow but also how the book industry works is key to success. If you’ve found yourself wondering how you go about submitting a manuscript so that it goes further than the dreaded slush pile; or whether you need the help of an agent; or what you need to know about publishing contracts; or how to avoid the cowboys who are only out to rip you off, ASA’s Guide to Getting Published is a must-read.

Broken down into three parts, the Guide covers what you need to know to be an author in Australia including:


ASA’s Guide to Getting Published is available in print and ebook formats. 

About the Author

Juliet Rogers has spent her career in the book industry, working across every sector including bookselling, publishing and author advocacy. She was Managing Director of Random House in both New Zealand and Australia, followed by 10 years as CEO of Murdoch Books. She then set up her own small publishing and consultancy business before taking up the reins as CEO of the ASA from 2016 to 2020. Juliet has also held the roles of Chair of Booksellers New Zealand, President of the Australian Publishers Association and was the inaugural chair of The Indigenous Literacy Foundation. She is currently Managing Director at Echo Publishing. This varied experience has allowed her to gain insight into the challenges and opportunities that face all the key players in the industry.

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Our comprehensive and regularly updated FAQ section addresses many common queries about publishing, copyright, earning a living and rates of pay. With links to further detailed resources, this section is a must-see for anyone who has a query regarding the publishing industry.