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Code of Conduct

The ASA exists to support, advise and advocate for our members. We greatly value the strong relationship we have with you and we are very happy for you to use our logo to proudly assert your membership. It is, however, important to us and to all our members that the ASA brand is not compromised, so we do ask you to agree to the following Code for the benefit and protection of all our members and to allow us to provide you with the best services we can.

Member Code of Conduct

As a member of the ASA, I agree to:

  1. maintain the confidentiality of any information disclosed to you by the ASA under an obligation of confidence, or in circumstances where confidentiality was reasonably implied;
  2. not purport to represent the ASA, when making public comment about my personal views (including political views)
  3. respect other members of the ASA by ensuring that I don’t use their details for spam, marketing or any other commercial purpose
  4. ensure that if I am marketing any goods or services I do not in any way imply that those goods or services were endorsed by the ASA;
  5. behave with fairness and courtesy towards ASA members and staff and not engage in any behavior that is violent, threatening or abusive
  6. not use the ASA logo:

    • in a way likely to damage or dishonour the ASA;
    • in association with any content which is plagiarised, unlawful, defamatory, pornographic, offensive, discriminatory or abusive; which incites violence or hatred; or which infringes someone else’s rights including copyright;

  7. be bound by the provisions of the ASA Constitution and acknowledge that one of those terms is that in the event of liquidation of the ASA, you may be called upon to contribute to its debts up to an amount not exceeding $20;
  8. obtain all necessary licences and include all appropriate attributions when using copyright works owned by someone else.

Any breaches of this Code may be reviewed by the CEO in consultation with the Board and may, at the absolute discretion of the ASA, result in the termination of your membership.

Grant of logo licence for individual members

As an individual member of the ASA, you are granted a non-exclusive licence to use, reproduce and display the logo shown below:

on your website, your social media and on or below the signature panel of any email sent by you, on the following conditions:

  1. The licence exists for the duration of your concurrent and continuous membership of the ASA and you agree to stop using the logo and remove the logo from your website, social media and email if and when you cease to be a member of the ASA.
  2. The licence terminates immediately on written notice if, in the opinion of the ASA, you have breached the Members’ Code of Conduct.
  3. The logo is not modified, distorted or changed and that the positioning and use of the logo is not obtrusive or of a size to make it look inappropriate in the reasonable opinion of the ASA.
  4. You will agree to any request by the ASA to remove, reposition or resize the logo if, in the sole opinion of the ASA, the use of the logo is inappropriate or damaging to the reputation of the ASA

Logo licence for organisational members:

If you are an organisational member, you are very welcome to apply to the ASA for a logo licence to use in relation to your website and social media but we request some information from you first. Please email [email protected] if you are an organisational member interested in seeking a logo licence.