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Advocacy Initiatives

Find out about the ASA’s advocacy campaigns.


Artificial intelligence

AI offers new opportunities but also poses significant risks to the creative industries. It is imperative that the development and use of generative AI is carefully regulated.


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The Copyright Act has been the subject of reform discussions for a decade and the ASA’s role is to represent the interests of authors and illustrators in all copyright policy consultation.


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Digital Lending Rights

The ASA successfully ran a long-term campaign to expand the Lending Rights Schemes (PLR / ELR) to include digital formats (ebooks and audiobooks). The expansion was announced in January 2023.


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Fair Contracts

The ASA asks publishers to observe the Ten Principles of Fair Contracts and encourages all authors to seek advice before signing any contract about which they are uncertain.


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National Cultural Policy

On 30 January 2023 the Albanese Government announced the new National Cultural Policy, Revive. The ASA lobbied hard to introduce policy settings to support authors’ and illustrators’ vital work and applauds the key wins for literature.


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