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As you may know, the ASA publishes information on recommended rates of pay for writers and illustrators. We know that this information is highly valued by our members and the wider industry, as it helps creators negotiate and benchmark their paid work.

In the current turbulent environment, however, it has become ever harder to develop a rates schedule that fairly reflects the needs of authors. So we have instituted rates trackers to help accurately record trends and monitor rates that are being paid on the open market.

We would appreciate your input to the trackers whenever you are offered a new publishing deal, commission or fee for journalism, or fee for an appearance at a festival, school, event talk or panel. This will greatly help our benchmarking and ability to keep the rates of pay service relevant.

Anyone is welcome to use the trackers. However, we do encourage you to please consider becoming a member if you are not already part of the ASA. As we have no government funding, it is only with your help that we will be able to improve this service. Become a full or associate member here.

It is important to remember that many factors affect the rates of pay being offered, from the size of the organisation offering the work, to the level of experience of the creator. However, there are two standards that the ASA do not believe are open to debate:

1. Writers and Illustrators deserve to be fairly paid for their work.

2. Creators need to value their own talents and be brave enough to ask to be paid fairly.

We thank you in advance for submitting to our new rates trackers, which will now be permanently accessible on our website, and look forward to the insights they will provide.

We welcome any queries at [email protected]

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