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November 14, 2023

October Literary Speed Dating results

October saw our biggest Literary Speed Dating event of 2023, with 329 pitches presented to 12 publishers and 6 agents over two days. We’re delighted to share that out of the 210 authors who pitched, 121 received an expression of interest from a publisher or agent!

There were some new faces in the publishing line-up in October, with representatives from Scholastic and London-based publisher, Canelo. Publishers and agents were particularly impressed with the quality of pitches they heard and the highest requested manuscripts were picture books, followed by romance, and literary fiction. 

To wrap up a year’s worth of Literary Speed Dating events, we know that: 

  • We facilitated a total of 950 pitches
  • There were 369 requests from 37 publishers and 15 agents: a 39% request rate
  • The highest requested genre was Picture Books, followed by Commercial Fiction, and then Literary Fiction 


A huge, heartfelt congratulations to our members. The ASA is here to help, with plenty of resources to support you in the next step of your publishing career. Have any of your questions answered via our free members-only advice service, have your contract reviewed with Authors Legal, or attend our upcoming professional development events to give you the best possible chance of success.

Want to pitch at Literary Speed Dating?

Literary Speed Dating  offers a unique opportunity for you to avoid the slush pile and pitch your work directly to publishers and agents. If you’d like to pitch in 2024, there are plenty of ways we can help you get ready:

  • Book a Manuscript Assessment: determine whether you’re ready for publication. Receive professional feedback on where the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities are to ensure your work is at a publishable standard. 
  • Register for upcoming Pitch Perfect courses: learn how to create, structure, and present your pitch like a professional with our masterclass! An added bonus: Pitch Perfect participants get priority access to book in for Literary Speed Dating events!
  • Identify the right match: stay tuned to our Literary Speed Dating event page and conduct research into the attending publishers and agents when they are published. Review what they are looking for, the kind of work they typically publish, and where your manuscript might fit on their list.
  • Attend Professional Development events: the ASA offers masterclasses with practical advice from leading experts. These sessions offer the knowledge you need to pursue your author career with confidence. 

Didn’t find your literary match this time?

There are a variety of factors as to why a publisher or agent may not have expressed interest in your manuscript this time around. What is important to remember is that this is not the end! The ASA is here to help – if you have questions about your next steps, use our free Member Advice Service.