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Build your own mentorship

Have a first draft but don’t know how to improve it? Need help with structure or character development? Looking for professional support to strengthen your manuscript?

The ASA offers mentorships to all published and unpublished writers and picture book illustrators with a work-in-progress. Writers work closely with their chosen mentor for a set number of hours within a particular time period, to help bring their work to a publishable standard. Discussion may take place in person and/or via phone, Skype and email.

How to book

To apply, select your choice of three participating mentors, complete the submission form and attach your 300-word synopsis and the first ten pages of your manuscript typed in 12pt Times New Roman, double spaced on one side of the page, with page numbers in the bottom right.

For comics / graphic novels: A three or four page outline of your story arc, 10 pages of comics script. Thumbnails / roughs optional.

In your application you will be asked to list the three mentors you would most like to work with, in order of preference. Not all mentors on our register are available for The First Ten Pages, see the ASA’s mentors’ register for details. Once we have received your application and payment we will contact the mentors on your list.


5 Hour Mentorship

Members: $625
Non Members: $925

10 Hour Mentorship

Members: $1,190
Non Members: $1,760

15 Hour Mentorship

Members: $1,695
Non Members: $2,505

20 Hour Mentorship

Members: $2,140
Non Members: $3,160

25 Hour Mentorship

Members: $2,525
Non Members: $3,725

30 Hour Mentorship

Members: $3,030
Non Members: $4,470

NB. Reading time must be included in the length of mentorship you select. A rough indication of reading time is 10K words three hours, 35K words eight hours, 70K words + sixteen hours. Manuscripts over 100K words will require a very lengthy reading time. If your manuscript is longer than 100K words, please contact the office to discuss whether a mentorship would be appropriate.