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How our mentorships work

Chose the mentorship format that suits your work and goals.

Note that we ask for upfront payment for all our mentorships, to make sure our mentors are paid promptly for their work – but if this is difficult for you (especially in the case of a lengthy mentorship), get in touch to discuss other payment options.

Categories available

Adult genres

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Dual mentorships

What it costs

3 Hours (The First Ten Pages, Portfolio, Picture Book)

Members – $365

Non-Members – $555

5 Hours (Picture Book Collaboration)

Members – $825

Non-Members – $1225

5 Hours

Members – $625

Non-Members – $925

10 Hours

Members – $1,190

Non-Members – $1,760

15 Hours

Members – $1,695

Non-Members – $2,505

20 Hours

Members – $2,140

Non-Members – $3,160

25 Hours

Members – $2,525

Non-Members – $3,725

30 Hours

Members – $3,030

Non-Members – $4,470

Make sure you’ve included your mentor’s reading time in your time estimate. As a general rule, 10,000 words will take three hours to read, 35,000 words will take eight hours, and 70,000 words+ will take sixteen hours. If your manuscript is over 100,000 words, get in touch to discuss the best options for you.

Meet our mentors

Our current list of mentors includes specialists in diverse areas from genre fiction, to journalism, to illustration and beyond. They’re all highly credentialled, with multiple publications and at least five years of professional mentoring experience.