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Bookseller Perspective: Meet a book buyer

Having a good relationship with booksellers is an essential ingredient to your writing career and there’s nothing a bookshop appreciates more than an author who understands how their business operates.
Dive into the nitty-gritty of bookshops with us in our new Bookseller perspective series, where we’ll introduce you to the different kinds of booksellers you’ll want to get to know when it’s time to release your book into the world.

In this session you’ll hear from book buyer Karen Ferris, a career bookseller who has worked for iconic Sydney bookshops such as Shearers, Ariel, Better Read Than Dead and the family-owned, Harry Hartog Bookshop chain. Karen will be in conversation with our Professional Development and Events Manager, Kate Adams, who has joined the ASA after 12 years in bookselling.

You will learn:

Whether you’re traditionally published or self-published this session is an excellent opportunity to get the inside scoop on how Australian book buyers work and what they’re looking for from authors.

There will be time for questions.


A private link of the session recording will be provided to enrolled participants only and available for a limited period of 10 days. Once the viewing period has expired the recording will no longer be available to view. 

Handouts and slides will be provided to all registered participants if available.

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